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Mugged AGAIN. Gosh, darn it.

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Last night a friend, her boyfriend and I were mugged in the lovely hippy-town of Observatory.

To be quite honest, I used to live in Obs myself, and lets just say, two of my exes had dreadlocks and “only smoked hash, man.”

In the years I have lived in Cape Town (since 2001), I was mugged, had a gun pointed in my face during a robbery, had my house robbed when I was at work on two occasions, a friend from university’s boyfriend was murdered, a friend was murdered, two people I know have been stabbed, the list goes on.

Part of me is shaken, the other part angry. I find it so arrogant when people take something that is not theirs, and they have not worked hard for.

Now my friend has been left without a bag, a phone, any ID documents (she’s foreign so this is a big problem), flat keys or her university notes. Worst of all, her diary was taken, a complete violation of her privacy.

But, rather than continue to bitch or give in to my sudden interest in leaving the country, I am trying to get on with things.

There are so many things that annoy me about South Africa, but there are so many more things I love.

But ‘skaroo’ those assholes that mugged us. I hope they don’t come out as good as they did the next time they attack someone.


Good Manners and Virtual Back Stabbing

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WeHEEEL!!!! That last post was a bit of a downer wasn’t it? I mean what I say about Emo’s thought. Little rats.

Anyhoooo, I work on the online industry. I may be a humble little SEO copywriter, but from what I have seen fold out in front of me in the two years I have been involved, is that there is a lot of ethical stuff that is pretty much ignored in some instances and not by the company I work for – they are honest, tactful and not out to make money money money. It just seems to me that in this industry, unless you back stab, bitch, gossip, screw over and lie, you won’t get ahead. It is one of the things that REALLY bothers me. And yes, I am aware that in business you have to be smart and that it is a fight to the death to get on top. But can’t it be an honest fight? Can’t it be done with some moral principles? That’s all I ask.

Funny too that the older I get, the more I realise that a lot of people are not all that nice. I have discovered that a lot of people will put their interests first above others and screw who they might hurt.
Take the train for instance. As a woman, I quite dig chivalry. But take a train from Cape Town Station anywhere and you will see men seated and comfy whilst women stand. I have seen a pregnant woman with a 2 year old having to stand while about 20 douche bags look the other way from their comfy chair. These same douche bags will push in front to get out of the gate first and if you are headed in the same path towards each other, God help you if you don’t get out the way.

Maybe my eyes are a bit tainted, but come on. Lies, kicks in the teeth and plain ignoring good manners seem to have taken over the part of Cape Town that I see. Sad.

Another downer. Sorry, I am just in downer mode at the moment.

ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!! *%&#$^#*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am seething right now. Abso-fucking-lutely SEETHING.

As previously mentioned, my complete DOOS of an ex-boyfriend likes his facebook profile picture to be of him and his new, shiny faced, big teethed girlfriend. And the most recent pic he has as his profile picture (and no, I am not friends with him on FB, I deleted his cheating, crack smoking, heroin injecting, money stealing, manipulative ass) is of him and the GF as per usual. Bit in this pic, he is wearing my sodding hoodie that I bought with my first ever pay cheque, when I was 22. I could kill. And that pay cheque was important to me because it was the first sign that I was capable of being a responsible adult after I cleaned up. And now that bastard is wearing it in his profile pic. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I felt sorry for him last year, and lent him two of my hoodies that didn’t fit me anymore. A black hoodie from Bushido in Cape Town, which is one of about three that they had at the time, the only one in black, and my UCT hoodie I bought in 1st year (2001) as an innocent 17 year old, learning to find my way after leaving home. Both hoodies have a lot of value to me. And I guess I was stupid for giving them to him. But did the ass-face have to wear one in his profile pic?

I have done this before though. I had an incredible Blur tshirt from the time that Country House was released. My sister went to their concert in London when we lived just outside the big city, and I was too young to go. She never wore the tshirt so I appropriated it. I then gave it to another ex because he loved Blur. And the first time I saw him 3 months after we broke up, he was wearing it. But that particular ex is decent so I don’t mind him having it. I do regret giving it away thought.

I have learned my lesson. No more giving away stuff made of complete awesomeness to please people I love. Because invariably they show their true colours and I regret having done so.

Seriously, I hope this ex gets run over. Actually, he was hit by a taxi when he was on his motor bike, which pleased me greatly.

I was even considering making peace with this guy later this year. Not now. I will just be asking for my two hoodies back and the R6000 he owes me (which he stole to buy crack with).