One week

Wow. In the space of a week, the love of my life dumped me and found someone new. I’ve been dumped and replaced, lost my house, lost a wonderful cat and lost a future with someone I deeply loved.

I’m not to sure what to do from here. I thought he cared enough to behave like a decent human being. Now he feels that I am un the wring for bring upset about it.

In the space of a week he’s gone from “i love you so much, I can’t live without you” to “yes I’m seeing someone else.”

I don’t care if it happened unexpectedly. If he never intended it. What he’s done is hurt me deeply to my core, something he always said he would never want to do. But he has, so much.

He’s left me feeling utterly worthless, which is shitty as all I ever did was look after him and be good to him. He’s behaving like an asshole and I am the one suffering for it.

You’ve ruined my life, you asshole, and you’re just sailing onward with no consequences. Thanks for leaving me in pieces and carrying in as if the year we were together meant nothing to you. It’s good to know that all the love I put into us was for nothing.

I am so angry and hate you so much right now. But that’s what you want, because then its easier for you to just up, leave and move on without any responsibility. You said you wished you could make this easier for me. Well if this is how you do it, you’re not the good person I thought you were. In fact, you definitey aren’t.


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