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Special? I wish I was special, just like Thom Yorke wishes he was.

I love too much, and that makes me not special. My father says it’s a gift. I say it’s a curse. In the movies, people who love too much are the heroes. ┬áIn real life, we’re the losers.

We give ourselves so easily. We become boring to those we love. It’s like having Christmas every day. It’s not an effort for anyone to be in our lives. Well, the people we’re in love with. It’s not even their fault. It’s my fault.

Little things. Little messages. Little efforts. Everyday little things we do seem so common, they get forgotten, or accepted as normal. But they aren’t normal; they are special to us. We just feel so much that we like to show that we love, everyday. And the smallest sign of love thrown our way means the world to us. We never forget it.

It’s a paradox, really. Love and lose them. Be indifferent and hook them.


Best cats of the web

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1. Kitteh wif so much ennui and noir: Henri

Henri and his daily plight with the French Noir genre.


2. Cats on treadmills


The song makes it to awesome. And the white cat.



3. Dance of the kitty cat (especially for Gummy)


Keeping SEO Copywriters sane, worldwide.


4. BootsCatsBootsCats


Cat bee!


5. Funny Cats Collection


A bit long, and the background “laughter” is a bit annoying but the kittehs make it worth it.

Game of Thrones is back?!

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Whatever. I have a 12-pack of condoms to finish by Friday.