It’s almost 2012.

I’m thinking back over the past year and everything that’s happened. It’s been a year of a lot of changes. New job, a car, a nephew, finally getting over that boy I couldn’t seem to get away from since 2009, finding a new and amazing boy, losing 10kg, gaining 15kg, leaving 12 Step fellowships for good, partying again like a normal person, going on lithium, coming off lithium, having a promiscuous phase, having a celibate phase, seeing three people I know pass on, being loaded, being broke, new friends, leaving old friends… phew. Quite the year.

I’d like 2012 to be a little calmer.

I’d like to stay in the same job, have a great and peaceful relationship with my boyfriend, make new friends, lose 30kgs, get off all meds, not be celibate, not be promiscuous, being ok for Dollars, look after my car, learn guitar, start gymming again, start playing poi to tone up and have fun, go to Afrikaburn in April and last but definitely not least – get some form of self esteem going.



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