Today, I am ashamed to be a part of South African culture.

I am SO sick of how everything in South Africa has become about money money money – we live in a society where money means everything, no matter how many lives it costs.

We’ll drive accross train lines in front of moving trains to make it to the next passenger first for that extra R5, even though we put the lives of 9 children in danger, and kill them, as the train hits the back of the taxi.

We’ll censor the press, so we will be able to throw anyone in jail who finds out anything bad about the government so that we can continue to commit fraud and steal in the roles of government officials, because we justify it as ‘treason’.

We strike for more money (fair enough – they get paid far too little because it goes into the pockets of the government) but then attack and kill people who won’t join us. We become doctors and nurses and take an oath to ‘first do no harm,’ but when we want more money we leave people to die in the entrances to hospitals.


And the people who steal, disobey the law and put their own financial wellfare over the lives of their fellow countrymen are the ones who point fingers at South African expats, call them deserters and say that they are the reason South Africa is falling apart. It is SO NOT AYOBA TIME in South Africa.

Today, I am ashamed to be a part of South African culture.


3 Responses to “Today, I am ashamed to be a part of South African culture.”

  1. Hear bloody hear! Well done. Of course, the ANC has to take a lot of the blame – a. for not paying a decent wage to people who deserve it because they’ve put most of the cash in their own back pockets and, b. They taught “the people” to behave like that. We’ll make the country ungovernable, they said. Well, sorry, they can’t turn round now and say It’s ok, you can stop because WE’RE in charge now. One of the most disheartening things is that they are all moaning about how the ANC has let them down, but when election time comes around again guess who they’ll vote for? Idiots!!!!!!!

  2. Hey, I didn’t know you were blogging again. Cool beans. keep up the good work.


  3. I feel your pain….it is all so sickening.

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