Time to say goodbye

Last week Sunday, I was dumped. I was broken up with, out of the blue, for no real reason, apart from that he was ‘just not feeling the relationship.’


So, after four days of not really being in the best frame of mind and watching three seasons of Greys Anatomy, I feel like I am ready to take on the world again.

When I go through break ups, and believe me, I go through a LOT of break ups, I follow a similar recipe in my behaviour.

1. Cut off all contact with dumper.
2. Cry a lot, and lie in my flat not doing anything for days on end, except watch TV.
3. Speak to my friends about it non-stop to salvage some kind of hope that he might change his mind.
4. Hand his things back to a friend of his to give to him, and always rub his toothbrush in soap.
5. Delete all music given by the ex.
6. Rebound, usually with previous ex to this ex.
7. Start eating again.
8. Stop crying.
9. Re-arrange everything in my flat in a type of cathartic ‘new beginnings’ ritual.
10. Get new boyfriend.

At the moment I completed step 9 yesterday. And, much as I am shocked, I am attempting to avoid step 10. You see, since October last year, I have been dumped three times. But enough is enough. I kinda think I need to be on my own.


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