Gods, Ghosts and Witches

Having moved into my new apartment has bought about many things into my life – not having to worry about a burglar jumping on me in the middle of the night, being in the centre of the action (which I avoid) in Claremont and… a naughty little spirit/s that inhabit the flat.

Since my poor little Zog (my flat mate and long time good friend Zoe, with whom I have shared many rock bottoms and highs) has gone into hospital, I have been alone in the flat. I will explain in detail further tomorrow, as I have to get to bed, but things tend to go bump in the night in this flat, which is odd because the building is less than 2 years old since completion.

I was checking out the WordPress home page, and saw the following site featured about a man or woman in old school dress, apearing in a photo taken at a spooooky, old castle, and the photo is being viewed as genuine… Maybe Miss McGoo can find out more on her imminent trip to the land of haggis!

More to come about the ghostly happenings at the flat.


3 Responses to “Gods, Ghosts and Witches”

  1. OOOOOOOOOOh spookay I will see what I can find out on my investigative mission

  2. starstripe Says:

    Whoooooooooooooooooooo, Go see Glamis Castle too – much paranormal thingemigingies going on there…

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