Good Manners and Virtual Back Stabbing

WeHEEEL!!!! That last post was a bit of a downer wasn’t it? I mean what I say about Emo’s thought. Little rats.

Anyhoooo, I work on the online industry. I may be a humble little SEO copywriter, but from what I have seen fold out in front of me in the two years I have been involved, is that there is a lot of ethical stuff that is pretty much ignored in some instances and not by the company I work for – they are honest, tactful and not out to make money money money. It just seems to me that in this industry, unless you back stab, bitch, gossip, screw over and lie, you won’t get ahead. It is one of the things that REALLY bothers me. And yes, I am aware that in business you have to be smart and that it is a fight to the death to get on top. But can’t it be an honest fight? Can’t it be done with some moral principles? That’s all I ask.

Funny too that the older I get, the more I realise that a lot of people are not all that nice. I have discovered that a lot of people will put their interests first above others and screw who they might hurt.
Take the train for instance. As a woman, I quite dig chivalry. But take a train from Cape Town Station anywhere and you will see men seated and comfy whilst women stand. I have seen a pregnant woman with a 2 year old having to stand while about 20 douche bags look the other way from their comfy chair. These same douche bags will push in front to get out of the gate first and if you are headed in the same path towards each other, God help you if you don’t get out the way.

Maybe my eyes are a bit tainted, but come on. Lies, kicks in the teeth and plain ignoring good manners seem to have taken over the part of Cape Town that I see. Sad.

Another downer. Sorry, I am just in downer mode at the moment.


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