Ok, so I know I have been super effing slack about updating my blog. Going off medication, going back on it again, double other meds, moving house, and minor nervous breakdowns about other life stuff will do that to me. So bear with me. Good grief, I just noticed that my version of Microsoft Word doesn’t have the word “blog” in its dictionary. Eeek.

So as I said, I have moved from my house in Harfield Village to a trendoid flat in Claremont. Call me a sell out, but the call of heavy security, a dear old friend as a housemate and the gym within walking distance will do that to a person. It has a pool too. Not that I have used it much; the anorexic, blonde student brigade scares me off just a TAD. Worst is, I used to be just like that so I know that they would think. And it isn’t nice.

I’m really enjoying the flat and the resident ghost that keeps throwing my calendar off the wall, and now I am back on my meds, even the noise of all the partying students in the street doesn’t bother me: twenty minutes after taking them I am so unconscious I could sleep through an earthquake! I did that once when I was a kid by the way. I slept through a 5.5 on the Richter scale. Once more… Eeek.

Anyway, my posts from now on will be much shorter. I realize that loooong posts tire me and bore readers. I’ll just have to condense my lovely descriptions somewhat.

Anyway, I will write soon. I promise 🙂


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