Help my sister find her kitten Mieke!!!

I haven’t written a blog post in a while because I have been busy and not really had a spare moment to think.
But right now I have a bit of a quest so here I am.

My sister who lives in Durban has lost her kitten Mieke. She is beside herself. I am so devastated for her and her husband so I figured that because I am sitting in an office in gardens in Cape Town and can’t do anything, I will try and do what I can using my friend the internet.

Mieke went missing at 8am on Saturday the 13th December in Redwood Crescent in Glen Anil in Durban (Glen Anil is just North of Durban North).

She is a 4 month old tortoiseshell and has a distinctive straight line down her forehead and nose. She is mostly black and ginger with a ginger blob on her white belly. She has little white socks on her paws, and she has a little black smudge on her nose.

These photos were taken just over a month ago so she has grown since then.
This is what little Mieke looks like:






Please, if you know ANYONE in Durban, or anyone who knows anyone in Durban, especially in Glen Anil or Durban North, send them the URL to this blog and ask them to keep a look out for her.

If you see or hear of anything, please call my sister or her husband on:

ALEX 083 7880689

PAUL 083 5587026

OR 031 562 9253

You can even leave a response under the blog or email me at

Help my sister get her baby back!!!


2 Responses to “Help my sister find her kitten Mieke!!!”

  1. Thank you. She is my baby and I miss her so much 😥

  2. StarStripe Says:

    Big hugs Xxx 😥

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