Amy Lee Office Discussion

In response to my Amy Lee posted item on Face Book:

I'm not going uuuuunder in 6 inch platforms. And I'll squash your willy too.


Jono: Wow, there are so many Goth girls on this hate amy lee site.

Rosie: Amy Lee is not Goth, she is the ‘self pitying alternative woman’.

Jono: So if I screamed “I’m going under!” you would die?

Rosie: Yes I would. And Goth girls don’t “go under”. They wear really high shoes so they don’t end up “going under”. *Cackles*

Tara: Is that really why they wear those high shoes?



2 Responses to “Amy Lee Office Discussion”

  1. Good Goth !

  2. starstripe Says:

    I think someone else commented that when I posted this on FB. :\

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